Testimony to Love

Gwen Steele-Perkins

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International Association for Near Death Studies Inc. Recent research and experiences.
Two Recent NDEs of Doctors
Dr Mary Neal is a spinal surgeon who is still in practice but also gives talks about her experience. This occurred in 1999, but she published her book only in 2011 after a family tragedy. There are similarities to Gwen Steele-Perkins’s story.
Near Death Experiences. A scientific analysis of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) by Bruce Greyson, MD, Division of Perceptual Studies, Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine. It concludes they are not mental disorders, notes they may have spiritual aspects, and have implications for our understanding of consciousness.
Dr Eben Alexander published his book in 2012 and it became a best seller. His NDE was unusual in that he was unconscious for a week but, like others, he felt the complexities of his experience could be summed up by the word ‘Love’. A neurosurgeon, knowledgeable about the brain, he now devotes his life to research and publicity in this area.
Women’s social history. There is a great deal of writing on women’s history, but only a few sites dealing with Britain from the 1920s. Those that do are listed below
Citizenship, Women's Rights
BBC, Women and Work
Mumsnet, Feminism Chat

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